State Government

The path to digital transformation starts with the right platform

Transform. Sustain. Deliver.

It’s not easy to dig yourself out of old solutions and IT sprawl, even without the pressure to deliver new solutions for your agency. OnBase helps to drive your state government agency’s digital transformation so you build an easily-sustainable foundation that delivers the business solution you need now and in the future.


OnBase is the key to digital transformation, providing a platform for faster, seamless government processes. Processes that are responsive to your customers, faster for your staff and more transparent for your managers. Infrastructure your staff can manage, change and improve.


With OnBase, abandon costly traditions like paper-based content, and unsustainable custom-coded solutions with lengthy project cycles that eat up your technology budget. OnBase offers configurable solutions that are financially and technically sustainable, quick to deploy and feature-rich.


With a platform you can afford, configure and depend on, you can focus on delivering the business solutions your agencies need, and do it quickly. Lead your digital transformation with OnBase.