Medical Claims Processing Software for Healthcare

Increase efficiency, profitability with OnBase Medical Claims Processing Solutions

Healthcare Payer

When 80 percent of incoming medical claims are electronic, processing high volumes quickly shouldn’t come at a high cost.

Yet, it does, simply because the remaining 20 percent are paper-based and, as such, require the most time to process, creating both delays and opportunities for error.

With the OnBase Medical Claims Processing Solution, insurers have:

  • Reduced costs of processing paper claims forms by 15 to 30 percent
  • Identified the ability to reduce data entry headcount by more than 50 percent

Better manage medical claims with OnBase

By integrating with your existing core claims applications, OnBase Medical Claims Processing Solutions verify policy status and coverage before automatically routing claims to an assigned adjudicator. With its advanced capture capabilities, OnBase:

  • Identifies and classifies claims forms, automatically noting any duplicate claims and extracting line item data from UB04s and CMS1500s
  • Converts the values to an XML data stream and sends it directly into your claims applications to create an EDI file
  • Eliminates costly data entry, improving process quality and reducing processing times