Mobile Medicare Enrollment

Enhance the Medicare registration process to increase speed, accuracy and compliance

Healthcare Payer

If your Medicare enrollment process involves capturing registrant information on paper forms, securing that PHI in a box or briefcase and storing it in a field agent’s car to key in back at the office, you might want to revisit your member on-boarding strategy.

Leveraging electronic data capture capabilities and the mobility of a tablet device, the OnBase Mobile Medicare Enrollment solution creates a paperless, efficient enrollment process that allows your organization to increase enrollment volume while reducing operational costs for this document-heavy, critical stage of the member service cycle.

Electronically capture data and signatures

Taking manual data entry out of the equation improves information accuracy and enrollment speed. Sales representatives electronically capture prospective enrollee information, and while still in the field, upload it for processing. OnBase 

immediately prompts  if any crucial information is missing. This allows sales reps to:
  • Focus on providing quality customer service 
  • Enroll more applicants, since enrollment takes less time to complete

 The increased transparency and quick turn-around times further enhance the customer experience.

Once uploaded, forms route directly to the correct users for review and approval, reducing the time it takes to move applications through the process. And, with no paper documents, nothing gets misplaced between each step. Insurers set business rules to identify incorrect or suspicious information during processing, mitigating common problems in open enrollment.

OnBase Mobile Medicare Enrollment offers efficient, electronic enrollment that provides managers with greater transparency and improves the quality of applications.