Minimize disruption during the EndoWorks® software transition

With the news that EndoWorks® software is being retired, you’re probably looking for a replacement system to meet your endoscopy documentation needs.

Look no further than OnBase GI Capture and Reporting. You’ll be delighted with its ability to capture, index and archive images and make them accessible in the EMR from the point of capture. And, our clinical and technical experts will provide change management guidance while ensuring a smooth implementation to minimize disruption during the transition.

Cost and budget

Conversions can be expensive and disruptive. It’s why we’ll minimize those impacts for you with a specialized conversion package that meet your needs today while setting you up for success tomorrow. A flexible and scalable enterprise content management solution, OnBase grows with you.

Creating a technology strategy

Our healthcare solution experts will ask pointed questions during the discovery phase to evaluate your satisfaction with your current solution, help you identify areas of improvement. The result? A strategic technology plan for your endoscopy department.

Choosing the right vendor

Every day, more than 1,800 healthcare organizations use OnBase to complete patient records, eliminate reimbursement delays and enhance business processes.

Content management is what we do. More than 13,000 customers around the world trust us with their data. Working with just our healthcare customers, we’ve converted over 1.6B records comprising almost 100,000 different file types.

OnBase was ranked as the 2014 ‘Best in KLAS’ Document Management and Imaging solution, receiving high scores for functionality, support and customer satisfaction. For the past 10 consecutive years, OnBase has been exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association.

Change isn’t easy – especially when you didn’t anticipate it. Instead, think of this as the perfect opportunity to improve operations to increase clinician and staff satisfaction, while making your endoscopic technology strategy future-proof.


How  flexible is your procedure reporting?        
As the procedure report templates are completely customizable, the procedure reports you create are uniquely your own – as current and as detailed as necessary for your clinical users.  Any documentation requirements necessary for regulatory or facility compliance can be added – or removed – by your facility’s OnBase USC administrator without waiting for software vendor intervention.

So the product actually works with other endoscopic processors and can be used outside the GI Suite?  
Yes! The Universal Scope Capture and Reporting products were designed to be just that – universal.  As long as the device outputs a supported video feed, Universal Scope Capture can capture, index and upload the images automatically at the point of care. The reporting product is fully customizable, allowing for procedural reporting for any clinical specialty with associated endoscopic image capture.

What about portable scopes we take into the ED, ICU, and so forth.  Can we capture images with those, too?  
If the cart that accommodates your portable scope processor can also accommodate the workstations necessary for the USC product and you have the capability of network connectivity (either wired or wireless) in the clinical areas where you are performing procedures, then yes, absolutely.

We didn't budget for this. Can you help us determine the most cost-effective way to help all of our clinicians?   
The OnBase solution is very scalable, allowing for small installation in a single area to address immediate needs now and easy expansion across the enterprise as time and budgets permit.  Flexibility in implementation and even enterprise licensing are possible;  your OnBase account manager and our clinical content team can work with your organization to plan deployment that works best for your budget and your personnel. 

The connected healthcare enterprise with OnBase by Hyland