Extend the benefits of Epic’s Haiku and Canto with OnBase integration

Extend Epic’s mobile Haiku solutions for iOS and Android and Epic’s Canto solution, enabling physician access for iPad, by integrating with OnBase by Hyland. Integrating with OnBase allows Haiku and Canto users to directly access OnBase content and functionality through Haiku and Canto. Create and sign forms, take and store photos, view OnBase patient content and complete deficiencies from the Haiku/Canto patient context.

While in Haiku or Canto, retrieve the information stored in OnBase, such as DICOM medical images, EKGs, test results, electronic forms including consents, and photos and images from clinical scopes. Take new photos and videos, fill out electronic forms, capture signatures and complete deficiencies, and have them immediately associated with the patient recorded in Epic.

With all of this information easily accessible through Haiku or Canto, physicians gain access to the most current and relevant clinical information regardless of their location.

This provides flexibility and helps the physician respond with the most up-to-date information available, even if he or she is on call, in the hospital, on the road or at home. This can result in better treatment, higher quality of care and higher physician satisfaction.

Integrating OnBase with Epic’s mobile Haiku or Canto solution allows physicians to:

  • Remain in Haiku or Canto while accessing OnBase information
  • No need to log into separate systems
  • Complete deficiencies from anywhere
  • Take photos using the mobile device camera and correctly place those in the patient’s OnBase chart
  • Make decisions based on relevant and up-to-date information
  • Respond no matter where they are
  • See an increase in satisfaction and retention
  • Decrease the time it takes to complete deficiencies, since they can complete them anywhere

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