Software for Patient Registration Processing

Enable a fast, easy and accurate patient registration process

To support downstream processes and safeguard patient care and service, patient registration must be quick, accurate and simple. With patient presenting with multiple documents, from insurance IDs to clinical documentation, however, efficiently capturing that information can be difficult and prone to error.

OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) helps hospitals eliminate paper and automate the registration process, improving patient satisfaction and safety while enabling faster and better outcomes. The registration staff will be able to accomplish more in less time. 

For example, patients no longer have to present insurance cards if one is already on file. They can sign consent forms electronically, and captured documents can be instantly available to other staff members. Captured documents will also not be lost, and required information will always be available. The attendant reduction in errors reduces exceptions and denials later on. 

Benefits of a paperless patient registration software solution

OnBase ECM for paperless registration helps hospitals:

  • Reduce and potentially eliminate all paper entering the healthcare organization via registration 
  • Make documents available to anyone in the organization, even at remote clinics or hospitals hundreds of miles away 
  • Eliminate the need to index documents, as the values are taken from the existing registration system, saving time 
  • Change the language of all forms instantly to accommodate a linguistically diverse patient population

Additionally, HIPAA security concerns regarding the transfer of documents become moot. Also, document security in the event of a natural disaster can be managed by the immediate generation of additional electronic copies of documents. The full capability to audit all actions taken on a document (viewed, printed, modified, etc.) provides healthcare organizations with levels of comfort unachievable with paper charts.

Heighten efficiency with ECM

HL7 or Hyland Software’s non-programmatic Application Enabler Technology prevents the need for registration personnel to enter in patient data. These techniques pull data from your master patient record so that the data is exact and up to date.   

The paperless registration engine searches for supplemental information for indexing purposes, but it also pulls supporting information that aids the patient registrar. Large buttons guide staff through their workflow, forcing them to capture required documents and information and providing them user-definable flow that makes the most sense for you organization. Digital signatures eliminate the need scan paper to capture the patients signature. 

The OnBase registration solution is powerful and yet very configurable to meeting your unique needs. Hyland Software has a proven track record of combining organizational expertise with customer feedback into building solutions that enhance the patient experience. The OnBase paperless registration solution reflects this – as configurable and easy to use as it is powerful. 

The connected healthcare enterprise with OnBase by Hyland