OnBase ONC Certification Disclosure

  • Vendor: Hyland Software, Inc
  • Product Version: OnBase 12 & 13, and R4 ACERT v4.20
  • Date(s) Certified: 07/24/2013;11/12/2013;08/30/2013
  • Certification Edition(s): 2014
  • Classification Type: Modular EHR
  • Practice Type: Ambulatory and Inpatient
  • Criteria Certified:
    • 2014: Authentication, access, control, and authorization, Automatic Log-off, Emergency Access, Quality management system, Encryption of data at rest, Integrity
  • Certification ID’s:
Version Certification ID   Date
 R4 ACERT v4  CC-2014-100080-3  08/30/2013
 12 (2014)  CC-2014-100080-1;CC-2014-100080-2  07/24/2013
 13 (2014) CC-2014-100080-1; CC-2014-100080-2  11/12/2013

  • Modules Tested and Certified:
    • Version12
      • Certified: 170.314(g)(4), 170.314(d)(7,8) 
    • Version 13
      • Certified: 170.314(d)(1,5,6,7,8), 170.314(g)(4)
    • R4 ACERT
      • Certified: 170.314(d)(1,5,6,8), 170.314(g)(4)
  • Additional Software Required:
    • FlyingBit Hash Calculator, FlyingBit Hash Calculator – 170.314(d)(7)
    • TrueCrypt, TruCrypt 7.1a
    • o R4 ACERT Only: Febooti Febooti fileTweak Hash & CRC 3.5 – 170.314(d)(7)
  • Pricing Transparency Statement:
    • License fees for the OnBase software platform and the R4 ACERT module, and annual maintenance payments related to them are contractually agreed upon between customer and Hyland Software. There are no additional fees associated with the licensing and maintenance of these certified products.
  • Limitations:
    • There are no additional limitations from those that have been disclosed above, related to the certified product that would limit the user’s ability to use any of the certified technology.