Streamline Pre-encounter Processes
 for a Better Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Improve front-end revenue cycle tasks with OnBase

With margins as tight as they are, healthcare organizations simply cannot afford to mismanage revenue cycle information. If your staff have to locate or fix incorrect patient information, you risk incurring extended billing days, rejected or denied claims and high costs to collect.

Capturing complete and accurate patient information during the pre-encounter phase of the healthcare revenue cycle directly impacts revenue. Integrating OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) with your existing health information technology helps your organization build a solid foundation for your revenue cycle. By connecting disparate systems and automating processes, OnBase Healthcare Revenue Cycle solutions streamline pre-encounter processes from registration through point-of-service collections.

Build a better foundation for your revenue cycle

OnBase electronically captures and automatically indexes patient information, from insurance cards to clinical documentation, storing it in the solution’s secure, centralized repository and linking it to the appropriate patient records in your patient accounting and health information systems. No matter which location or core application they’re working in, your health system’s authorized users have immediate access to the most current patient information. By removing the paper forms and manual data entry, OnBase reduces the errors that can lead to exceptions and denials. It also improves patient satisfaction – once a patient’s information is in OnBase, he longer has to present it again. OnBase can even capture digital signatures for a truly paperless registration experience.

And unlike paper charts, OnBase makes complying with HIPAA while transferring patient information a moot point. The solution also provides full disaster recovery and a full audit trail of patient record activity.

For pre-encounter tasks from patient scheduling, verification and pre-registration through point-of-service collections, OnBase Healthcare Revenue Cycle solutions:

  • Reduce and potentially eliminate all paper entering the healthcare organization during registration
  • Make patient information available to any authorized user in the organization, even at remote clinics or hospitals located hundreds of miles away
  • Eliminate the need to manually index documents, as the values are taken from the existing registration system, saving time and reducing errors
  • Provide a paperless solution for both patient registration and physician order management
  • Integrate with registration, eligibility, billing and document imaging systems to offer easier access to comprehensive patient payment records to empower staff to collect co-pays, deductibles and prior balances at any point of service across your health system

 Learn how OnBase Revenue Cycle solutions continue to deliver benefit by automating tasks and streamlining processes through the encounter and post-encounter phases of your revenue cycle.