Strategically manage clinical content with OnBase

Deliver complete patient information when, where and how it’s needed

While the electronic medical record (EMR) is the foundation for an electronic health record, it's missing critical pieces that could alter the patient storyline. Important unstructured content—such as EKG results, medical images, digital photos, emails, paper forms and more— is generated outside of the EMR and lives in other systems or on paper. Even when an EMR is fully implemented, it’s estimated that up to 75 percent of patient information resides elsewhere.

Optimizing clinical content and the way it’s delivered to clinicians and patients is the next logical step on the road to the complete electronic health record.

Increase efficiency, promote better information sharing and ensure that clinical content is accurate and accessible

Pairing the right ECM and enterprise medical imaging technology with the right workflow and mobile solutions and incorporating them into your EMR will ensure that more complete patient information is delivered when, where and how it’s needed.

With native business process and case management capabilities, mobile technology and the ability to integrate with more than 500 applications, OnBase helps close the content gap and create a more complete, readily accessible patient record.

In combination with your organization’s existing EMR and other health information technology systems, leveraging OnBase creates a compelling solution allowing clinicians and patients to:

  • Connect disparate clinical systems
  • Easily capture clinical content throughout the care delivery cycle
  • Present information into a single interface optimized for the user and/or the care team

Improve the clinician and patient experience

Presenting a comprehensive picture of a patient’s total healthcare experience allows clinicians to make better-informed, time-sensitive decisions about patient care. Furthermore, more accurate and complete information improves patient safety and reduces the chance of errors. 

Optimized clinical content and an integrated paperless record yields a host of benefits by:

  • Eliminating repetition, since patients no longer have to provide the same information to multiple staff members and clinical providers
  • Improving workflow, which means fewer delays for the patient
  • Fostering greater communication at the point of care
  • Increasing transparency, since patients can access medical record content securely through PCs, notebooks and mobile devices
  • Removing expenses associated with printing, scanning and filing paper records
  • Reducing time spent searching for missing information
  • Minimizing diagnostic retesting

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