EDUCAUSE Presentations

October 28, 2015

Executive Panel: Moving from Departmental Imaging to a True Enterprise ECM Platform

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Kirk Kelly, Associate Vice President and CIO
Dave Kieffer, Senior Director of Enterprise Applications

Department solutions on campus can introduce redundant technologies that exist in CRM, ERP and ECM systems. A true ECM can integrate successful systems and bring ROI across the enterprise. Our executives share when an enterprise approach became their institution’s strategy and how they deploy and manage ECM across the enterprise.

3 Outcomes:

  1. Define architectural elements of a comprehensive ECM solution insuring a deployed solution will scale with your enterprise and meet demands of a digital campus.
  2. Review institutional enterprise service level agreements to balance the autonomy of end user offices while aligning with institutional objectives and systems. 
  3. Assess governance strategies that support comprehensive system growth and demand

October 29, 2015 

Virtual Session  - IT Governance Strategies for Redundant Technologies

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John McGuthry, VP/CIO at Cal Poly Pomona

As the campus system map evolves each year, the fact is that between ERP, CRM, ECM and niche solutions, overlapping technologies exist and compound the complexity of serving campus end users. Functions like eforms and workflow exist in multiple systems. What are the guidelines for determining which system is the best choice to use and when? What are the questions to ask to make this determination? Are there any guidelines for evaluating solutions when it comes to this concept? We’ll explore considerations.