Minimize disruption during the Perceptive Nolij® Web software transition

With the news that institutions using Perceptive Nolij® Web software need to develop a migration plan, you are presented with a unique opportunity to review the options available to you in the market.

Look no further than OnBase. You’ll be delighted with its ability to capture, index and archive images and make them accessible in your ERP/SIS and CRM solutions from the point of capture. But with OnBase, you will receive more in terms of one product built on one platform that goes beyond document management to Enterprise Information Management. Our dedicated higher ed team encompasses solution experts, project managers, conversion experts and technical support. This team dedicated to Higher Education will provide change management guidance while ensuring a smooth implementation to minimize disruption during the transition.  

Cost and budget

Conversions can be expensive and disruptive. It’s why we’ll minimize those impacts for you with a specialized conversion package that meets your needs today while setting you up for success tomorrow. A flexible and scalable enterprise information management solution, OnBase grows with you.

Creating a technology strategy 

Our Higher Education solution experts will ask pointed questions during the discovery phase to evaluate your satisfaction with your current solution.  What is working well that you want to replicate and what is not working well?  What support staff do you currently have for the technology you own?  We’ll look carefully at your technology system map– including key systems you are using (CRM, ERP/SIS, etc.) already on campus and your institution’s strategic plan to offer areas of improvement. The result?  A strategic technology plan for your institution.  

The goal of every OnBase implementation is to protect your investment in systems on campus, to add value to your business processes and to move you towards comprehensive digital records and files. 

Choosing the right vendor

Every day, more than 400 higher education organizations use OnBase to manage comprehensive digital student and employee records, eliminate process delays and enhance business processes. 

Information  management is what we do. More than 13,000 customers around the world trust us with their data. We have migrated customers from Perceptive Nolij® Web and other ECM solutions to OnBase.   We have converted billions of records comprising almost 100,000 different file types from over 100 different solutions including homegrown solutions.

OnBase is consistently listed as a University Business “Top Product” and we have customers using every major higher education SIS and ERP solution.  We can integrate with your key systems to protect your data and systems of record while enhancing business processes.  

Change isn’t easy – especially when you didn’t anticipate it. Instead, think of this as the perfect opportunity to improve operations, to increase student and employee satisfaction, while making your institution technology strategy future-proof.


Will your product work with my ERP? 

We have customers who integrate OnBase with all the major ERP/SIS solutions including Oracle PeopleSoft, Ellucian Banner,  Ellucian Colleague, Jenzabar solutions, Workday and even homegrown solutions.   With higher education’s focus on student success, enrollment management is a common starting point and customers can also integrate with Admissions and Advancement CRM solutions.  

Can your solution replace my existing workflows?  

Our customers often tell us that our workflow functionality is a major improvement over previous systems.  OnBase Workflow is a rules-based electronic document routing system that enables users to process work more efficiently, faster, and more accurately.  It is designed to be flexible and intuitive.   Because we know that all workflow cannot end up on the  IT to-do list, we are deliberate to build and protect workflow functionality that does not have to be written in the IT office.  

OnBase offers both an eforms designer and a workflow studio designer that provides a graphical point and click configuration capability to replace your existing workflows. In addition, our dedicated Higher Education practice has designed Outcome Based Solutions based on best practices across over 400 customers for key process needs in your institution. We currently have Outcome Based Solutions specifically designed for Admissions, Selective Admissions, Graduate Admissions, Financial Aid Verification and Transfer Course Evaluation with more being designed regularly.   

How configurable is your solution? 

Much, if not all, of the programming that is required by traditional workflow systems has been eliminated. With almost 200 pre-defined Rules and Actions available from a simple drop-down menu, configuring complex workflows without any scripting, coding or programming can easily be accomplished.  Again, we are proud of the work we have done in this area to keep our solution very configurable.  This is a deliberate goal of the OnBase development team.

We didn't budget for this. Can you help us determine the most cost-effective way to deploy this across our institution?   

The OnBase solution is very scalable, allowing for a small installation in a single office to address immediate needs now and easy expansion across the enterprise as time and budgets permit.  Flexibility in implementation and even enterprise licensing are possible.  Your OnBase account manager can work with your institution to plan a deployment that works best for your budget and your personnel.