OnBase IT Experience Video

Video Transcription

Bill Filion, Vice President of Development, OnBase by Hyland

From its very beginning OnBase has always been the enterprise platform that our customers have depended upon. And we in the development department take our role very seriously. I'm guaranteeing that you can upgrade to the latest versions of our OnBase suite with the solution that you've had deployed for years. Constantly working and providing you that return on investment that you were looking for initially when you purchased.

Not all ECM products are the same.

Hyland Software tries to stand one step above every one with regard to guaranteeing that we are the enterprise platform for the masses. For a OnBase solution, anything fewer than 200 million documents is a small system for us, so we really do take our responsibilities very seriously to guarantee that we provide high performance.

The scaleable, single secure platform that you can develop all sorts of solutions for all of your departments on and ultimately know that secure platform will guarantee your content is there and accessible for all the different years that you'll be using OnBase in so many different ways