Invoices Piling Up?

Promote organizational growth and drive down costs with ECM 

Today finance leaders are looking for the right strategic investments to promote organizational growth and drive down costs.

Organizations have increasingly relied on technology to improve operations in many departments. But finance operations like accounts payable often stay stuck in the past.

Invoice approvals and other AP processes remain manual and paper intensive which can lead to:

  • Data entry errors
  • Missing documents
  • Late payments
  • An incomplete view of cash flow

As lean AP teams face an increasing number of invoices, finance leaders should rethink how technology can help AP keep up with growth.

ECM empowers AP departments

Enterprise content management (ECM) solutions like OnBase can empower AP departments with tools to improve efficiency and support business agility.

OnBase can capture and import multiple file types and formats. And using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, it extracts and delivers relevant data, such as invoice information, directly to existing business applications and systems.

This eliminates manual data entry, ensures data accuracy, and improves control by storing all documentation in one secure system.

By using OnBase to decrease your dependency on paper, you’ll:

  • Process invoices faster
  • Increase transparency
  • Reduce costs across your AP department

Learn more about what OnBase can do for AP by watching the video above.

Then download the eBook: Accelerating Accounts Payable to find out more about how ECM helps overcome major invoice processing obstacles. OnBase can help you keep up with growth by processing invoices faster, increasing transparency, and reducing costs across your AP department.