WinWholesale, Inc.

James Dunlevy, IT manager for Financial Applications, shares how WinWholesale uses OnBase to achieve these results

In the early 2000s, WinWholesale implemented OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) in its accounts payable (AP) department, where an “army of people” were manually keying in invoice information.

“We wanted to go toward optical character recognition (OCR), workflow, process improvement and a greater visibility into the process,” said James Dunlevy, IT manager for Financial Applications, WinWholesale Inc.

Increase invoice processing speed without increasing headcount

WinWholesale invoice volume is at about 1.2 million per year. Workflow and process improvements, including approvals for non-purchase order invoices, allowed the company to maintain its headcount while increasing the speed with which it does invoice processing.

“We are constantly enhancing the AP process,” said Dunlevy. “What we recently implemented using OnBase is something called ‘three-way match.’ This allows us to match our purchase orders to our receivers to our invoices. OnBase is the engine to all of that.”

Dunlevy said he is excited to see the solution roll out.

“It’s going to save time and allow the users to focus on the exceptions, not worry about the things that are the perfect matches, that they used to have to worry about every day,” said Dunlevy. “Now they can worry about the customers at their counters, not the back office things we can handle automatically.”

Listen as Dunlevy dives into more detail in the video at the top of the page.

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