Eagle Group: Automation

With OnBase by Hyland, process automation benefits every division of Eagle Group including individual employees. 

Video Transcription

Jennifer Frankman, Project Manager at Interstate Companies

OnBase has definitely impacted our business process throughout the company – Interstate Companies – we were able to streamline our processes at all of our 23 remote branch locations. Again, it’s getting rid of that paper, streamlining it, getting it through workflow, being able to route documents, being able to provide our other branches with visibility that they document as well so it’s a huge gain for us.

We use OnBase kind of across the board at our organization; our parts and shipping, our warehouse department. Part of our warranty claims processing is if the manufacturer requests a certain part back, they need to be able to ship it back so our warranty department submits an e-Form to them and says “Hey this part needs to be returned” so they’re in OnBase processing that parts return so they know to get it sent back to the manufacturer.

So, it starts even at our warehouse level and it goes all the way up to our CEO who’s using it to process payroll change forms for all employees as well. The way we extend OnBase at our company is just typically word of mouth. That’s how our users find out about it and they decide to roll it out. Most recently our safety department learned about it and decided to implement the solution to start managing our driver file so you know we need to stay compliant with our drivers because obviously we’re repairing trucks and we need to make sure they’re certified and don’t have any violations on their driving record, that type of stuff. So we need to make sure that we stay compliant.

So, we’ve decided, and we’ve recently just migrated all of our driver files from a popular web based solution to OnBase so that we can track that internally. Our driver has to fix the truck and make sure that it’s working properly so they take it for a test drive so we need to make sure that that driver still has their CDL so they can perform the repair validation or the test drive. In OnBase we’re able to flag those drivers that are not compliant anymore so that the managers can say “hey you can’t be doing that test drive anymore, we need to get you compliant, until then somebody has to do that for you”.

For insurance and liability reasons we need to make sure our drivers are compliant; we can’t have somebody test driving these trucks if they have a lot of motor vehicle violations, if they’ve been involved in vehicular homicide or if they’ve had a DUI, we can’t have those guys test driving our customers’ vehicles so that’s a huge liability risk, if they’re not compliant.