Immediate Proof of Delivery = Faster Payments

Eagle Group uses OnBase by Hyland to instantly validate proof of delivery and receive payment for services faster.

Video Transcript

Immediate Proof of Delivery Mean Faster Payments

We share information electronically through our drivers. What we have is, we have about 500 to 1,000 drivers and each driver has either an iPhone or an Android phone, an iPad, or some kind of device to capture images.

What this does for us is that the driver is able to go out take a picture of a proof of delivery or bill of lading -- whatever document that our customer needs. They take this picture, we interface with another program, and then we import this file from that program into OnBase.

We basically have the file name, these unique file names. We parse out the file name so we can use OnBase’s index features to index a document. Then go to our database which will take the rest of the information.

From Two Hours to Five Minutes

What this does for us, it basically gives us document type, gives us the invoice number, and then, within say five minutes of getting this photograph from the driver or image from the driver, we're able to send it to the customer via email. A lot of our customers require an image or a proof of delivery within two hours, we're able to do it within five minutes.

Our payment from these customers are required on a time base, so if we meet the time requirement, we get paid faster and we get more money. In long run it makes better sense for us. We get paid way, way fast.

Also, it allows our collections people, if there's a call about a load or a delivery, they can get into OnBase and see that this has been done ten minutes ago and they can provide the documentation to the customer via email.