Eagle Group: Financial Savings

Using OnBase by Hyland, Eagle Group saves $50,000 a week.

Video Transcript

$50,000 Savings per Week

We were able to save $50,000 overnight by allowing the drivers to scan the documents with a device they already own. So we do not have to provide devices. For people that we had to provide a device for, we are bringing this in with the EOBR (electronic on-board recorder). Basically, the feds are mandating that we do drivers logs electronically, so we already have a device that they have to have, which does double duty. So they can take photographs with the device and send it to us.

And we're saving a lot of costs in basically not having to overnight these documents to our main office. Because what we used to do was, these drivers would take the documents, drop them off at the location, the location would bundle them up and send them via UPS or FedEx overnight. So that cost went away.

Now, either they're taking pictures with their phones or a location can scan directly into OnBase. And we use basically the same functionality -- use OnBase capture to scan the documents in or sweep them into OnBase to automatically index them.