Eagle Group: Information Access

Instant access to information for Eagle Group employees and partners results in boom in file cabinet graveyard management.

Video Transcript

Information is Secure Even When Access Externally

We restrict the information by keywords because each location or each company has a certain unique ID. So we use security key fields to lock down our invoices and PODs and such like that, so only the right people see these documents. And each customer has a unique ID, so if we let a customer look at a document, they're only able to see their own document because of these security key fields, which is very valuable.


Being able to get our documents quickly aids our customers because they're able to get our payment to us a lot faster. So calls of “we lost the paperwork” went away, which leads into how we get the paperwork to the doc or to the customers.


We have a process where the invoice comes in, all the paperwork comes into OnBase, and we run it through a workflow process. It basically takes all these documents together, merges them together, and automatically emails it to the customer if they require paperwork. And we have basically key field values that say this customer needs this, this, this to pay and so we end up emailing it to them.


They receive it; we get paid. We're all happy.