Eagle Group: Mobile Access

With OnBase by Hyland, Eagle Group gives auditors mobile access to information and improves its insurance rates.

Video Transcript

Giving Auditors Mobile Access to Information Improves Insurance Rates

With a mobile solution and auditors, we're able to basically get a better insurance rate because our documents are nice and clean. We're providing the documents in a timely fashion.


When we have an audit, the state auditors or federal auditors will come in. We're able to provide the required documents easily with OnBase. We just either create an envelope for them and say: “In this envelope, here are your documents.” And it makes it nice because we're only providing the documents they need, so they're not looking in a file cabinet saying “oh, what’s this accident over here or what's this document over here,” which might segue into another audit someplace else.


But the nice thing about it is we provide them the documents, they're able to do what they need to do with those documents, and then get out of here.