Emerson: Global

Bought to replace a machine,  OnBase now is improving output globally at Emerson Climate Technologies.


Video Transcript

Saving $125,000 in the First Year

We first implemented OnBase at Emerson Climate Technologies in the accounts payable department. They had a microfilm machine that was not Y2K compliant, and it had to be replaced, so instead of replacing it with another machine, we replaced it with OnBase.


The ROI for that investment was less than a year because we also implemented cold processing at the same time when we implemented OnBase in accounts payable. And the cold processing module, because we stopped printing green bar reports, saved us $125,000 in paper costs alone the first year that we implemented. So the implementation paid for itself very, very quickly.


Changing One Department at a Time

From cold processing, we moved into the purchasing department. Purchasing had several filing cabinets full of paper that they wanted to scan and be able to retrieve those documents from OnBase. They've been very happy with it as well.


We went from there, we went into the engineering department, product evaluation specifically. They were scanning their documents into OnBase. From there we went to a remote location in our plant in Indiana. They had a warehouse full of filing cabinets, and they decided that they wanted to start scanning all those documents instead of filing them and waiting for a disaster to come and get rid of all the paper. It doesn't wear well anyway over time.


Going Global

We are also branching out globally with our OnBase solution. We just put in a new implementation of OnBase in our corporate offices in Europe. They have implemented a very successful accounts payable workflow solution.


It goes across several countries in Europe that our company deals with. We also just got a request from our offices in India. They have no document management there, so they need a solution very badly, particularly from a record retention standpoint. And so we are going to start helping them solve their record retention problems. That's where we'll start. I'm sure that they'll find many other ways, other things that they want to do with OnBase.