Emerson: HR

Emerson Climate Technologies uses OnBase to automate headcount requisitions making onboarding and employee management faster and easier.

Video Transcript

Removing HR’s Biggest Pain Point

Before OnBase, in our human resources department, our biggest pain point was employment requisitions.


They were all paper-based and someone would submit a requisition and give it to their manager to sign off saying “yes, you go hire someone.” And then it would go to the next person in line. Maybe it would go inter-office mail, maybe someone would carry it -- various modes of transportation to get this paper around, but it would also get lost either on someone's desk or “I sent it but Jim didn't get it.” And so it was a very lengthy process just to get a headcount approved for hiring.


Cutting Time and Effort Spent in Half

Since OnBase, we have automated that requisitioning system, and it has cut the time and the effort for everyone in half at least. And in some cases more than half, just because of the time saved by not needing to track down where the paper is and not having to resubmit it if you never find it.


We automated that process of the headcount requisition by doing an electronic form -- making sure we had all the information that the human resources department needed, as well as the people who would be approving it, justifications and all the usual and customary things.