Evolving Post-Acute Care Referral Processes

To effectively coordinate post-acute care, health systems must make it easier to share medical records – which, among other benefits – improves the referral process. Watch this video to learn how OnBase will help make your patients and referring hospitals happier all while helping your post-acute facility fill beds faster.

Video Transcription

Payment reform forces hospital systems to collaborate with external providers in health fore organizations like never before and as health system struggle to effectively coordinate their post-acute care they face a number of challenges from conflicting priorities and limited resources to razor-thin reimbursements. Attempting to control the average length of stay and post-acute care settings is perhaps the biggest challenge but it's also a great opportunity. While reducing the average length of stay is essential to increase the volume of admission in order to maintain your post-acute facilities daily sensor and margins. That may be easier said than done but in order to compete you got to make it easier and faster for the pack facility to receive, review and accept referrals. OnBase improves the referral process first by making it easier to share the medical records, the solution automatically ingests and passes out the data, routing it to the appropriate contact for evaluation, verification, and review to empowered timely decision. OnBase then generates a confirmation of acceptance or rejection letter based on your criteria and with dashboards to help you monitor your review process; you can track referrals and identify bottlenecks to streamline your referral process even more. Make your patients happier, make your referring hospitals happier, fill your bed's faster with OnBase.