Connect Your Financial Institution

Decrease costs and simplify processes and compliance efforts across your financial enterprise.

Video Transcription:

Financial institutions rely on information to drive processes, but it is spread across their entire organizations. By connecting with OnBase, you manage that information and integrate it into processes and systems across your entire financial institution. By capturing information electronically, representatives instantly see all interactions and documentation associated with a consumer and are able to answer questions faster. Meanwhile, managers see real-time process statistics to keep processes moving quickly and accurately.

Let's take a look at some of the impacts OnBase can make across your financial enterprise.

In accounting, faster approvals, invoicing and payments cut expenses and generate real savings. OnBase also supports key stages in the account opening process that involves the collection of consumer documents and information. By capturing that information electronically, you create a comprehensive and secure consumer record.

Taking it a step further, an integrated electronic signature solution enables a digital account opening process and provides an efficient consumer experience in lending. OnBase reduces the time costs and risks involved in the delivery of a loan by integrating with core banking platforms. Loan origination systems, CRM and any other key business applications. OnBase provides a central repository for all consumer information and documents. Meanwhile, workflows automatically route documentation for review approval filing and retention, increasing the speed and accuracy of your lending process.

For Human Resources, you simplify every stage of the employee lifecycle from recruiting and onboarding to payroll and records management. OnBase manages documents and processes so Human Resources can focus on employees and their careers, not paper.

Wealth management, card services, legal, and compliance are no different. With OnBase these departments increase information access and speed processes while empowering proactive management of regulation, compliance and audits.

With OnBase, you connect your financial institution to meet changing needs with one solution, one code base and one vendor.

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