Alliant Credit Union

Hear how this credit union integrated OnBase with its Symitar core to improve member service.

Video Transcript

Faster, Better Customer Service

OnBase has helped us provide better member service in a multitude of areas. One is in data and document retrieval through our online banking portal. Our users are able to obtain copies of check images, statements, and other financial documents. That puts it at their fingertips 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is a big change as opposed to having to contact one of our call center folks during our operating hours to get that.

In addition to document management, it's also accelerated our ability, through automation, to process customer requests, stop payments, and things of that nature much faster than we otherwise were able to do. Our value proposition, simply put, is to provide our membership with the highest rate of return and the best rates possible. So being able to keep our cost structure simple, the leaner we are, the better a return on investment we can give to our member.

Doing More With Less

OnBase has helped us to beat inefficiency in a multitude of arenas. First and foremost with the amount of printing that we do. When documents come into our organization electronically they stay electronic. Members send in correspondence to us, we image those documents and they live forever within our repository.

So many of the workflows have freed up so much time, which has prevented us from having to hire additional staff, which accelerates the processing of our members’ requests. We can do things in minutes that used to take a day.

Prior to implementing Hyland’s AP workflow solution, we had two full-time employees in our accounting department who were managing this very manual process. Post implementation, the two FTEs were reduced down to half an FTE and that individual spends her time managing exceptions, educating new users, those types of things. But we've been able to use her and the other AP individual elsewhere in our financial services organization.

It's been a big win for us.