Alliant Credit Union

See how this financial institution cuts fraud investigations from hours to minutes.

Video Transcript

Case Management for Fraud Investigations

We recently implemented Hyland’s WorkView product, and we've had a lot of success with that. Historically, we've managed our fraud cases through Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, which is fraught with a multitude of issues.

For example, you can only have one person in the spreadsheet at one time. So with user access, user control, sometimes people delete data accidentally, and it is very difficult to recover that data.

Using the fraud case management solution, we can now get analytics and can now have multiple fraud analysts working cases in there at the same time, in real time.

Our future plans for this product are to interface it with our membership, account opening and share opening processes, so we can use all of the data that we've collected since the 1990s to proactively identify names, addresses, telephone numbers, IP addresses, and other forms of data that might help us to identify a fraudster before that individual becomes a member or obtains a loan profit from us.