Arizona State Credit Union

Hear how Arizona State Credit Union uses OnBase to manage their transactional processes across departments and locations.

Video Transcript

Modern, Integrated, and Easy to Use

We had a legacy imaging system in place and we were outgrowing it. It just wasn't meeting our needs. It was very archaic and all it did was retrieve documents. It was also very important for us to integrate all of our other systems so that it was cohesive and easy to use for the end users. So they could get the most out of the product and still look and feel like they were still in the same product, and be able to integrate and have access to everything that they needed.

It was very interesting in our RFPs. We received SLAs from all of our vendors that we were looking at and we decided to make some calls to see if they could stand up to what their SLA said they did. And none of them actually did what they said, except for Hyland. When we called them, they did what they said they were going to do, and I've actually had to put in a support call myself and I was very happy with the results that I got.

Index and Imaging 200% Faster

We knew OnBase was the right solution for us because it was simple. It was very clean; it was very cohesive. Even during our demo, it was very nice that Steve, out rep, was able to provide to us. He just did the whole demo for us, and in other solutions, they had to bring in like four or five different people. And it seemed like every time we jumped into a different module the look was different, the feel was different, and OnBase just seemed very cohesive and very end-user friendly.

The users have responded great to the system. They really liked the look and feel of it. They said it's very simple, very clean, there's just not a lot of garbage anywhere, and they can actually know what to click on. It’s very easy. We've also improved a lot of processes so far. We used to index and image documents and it would take us 30 minutes to do a set of 100, and now that's been turned down to about 10 minutes.