Mountain West Financial

Discover how Mountain West Financial uses OnBase to automate the mortgage lending process from origination to delivery.

Video Transcript

Mountain West Financial: Faster Turnaround Times Without Paper

Well, we loved OnBase in the beginning, and the market was changing, and our financial situation was changing. So we looked at an all-inclusive licensing product that was supposed to offer everything at less cost, and we went with that. But it wasn't an enterprise-level solution, so we wound up coming back


Rolling it out across the enterprise, we're starting with taking the loan process paperless from origination to servicing. And then I'm going to start rolling it out to my other departments for administration, for bringing in our broker packages, AP, HR, and all of that.


Mortgage fluctuates quite a bit, and we're all very competitive, and the one thing that we can bring to the table is turnaround times in terms of when a loan comes in the door and when it funds, and that's short. The faster we can shorten that time, the more money it is for us, the less time our money's on the warehouse lines, and we can give better service to our customers.


In a paper world, a piece of paper can only reside in front of one person at one time. In a paperless world, I can have nine people working on a file simultaneously and get the job done much faster.