Orion Federal Credit Union

Hear how this large Tennessee credit union cut its loan processing times from 4 hours to 45 minutes.

Video Transcript

Orion Federal Credit Union: Integration Brings Faster Processes and Better Service

Prior to OnBase, we were printing out documents and sending them via courier to the main office. We would bring checks in, and the employer would have to see two or three different applications. First, to approve the check, if there was an exception. Second, to look at an image of the check in a different application. And third, to send any kind of notifications of exceptions.


OnBase allowed us to eliminate the need for manually sending physical paper between branches to our main office to be filed. It's allowed our employees to get time back in their day so that they can spend that on member service issues, provide great service for our members, and allow for them to meet their goals that are set forth by the organization.


Since we've implemented OnBase, we were able to take those loan documents -- either capture them immediately or scan them in. Getting the loan documents into OnBase allows us to quickly quality control the documents, and ensure that we've got accurate information. It's really helpful for our employees to find all documents in one location.


Prior to OnBase, we had four-hour loan closing, and we've moved that down to about 45 minutes. I can say that, as for OnBase, we don't do a lot of training because there's not really much of a need. It's organized in a way that is easy for users to understand. It's current technology that they're used to using in other applications, so it's pretty seamless. I think OnBase has helped us with becoming one of the top five lenders in our area.