Cobb County: Doing More With Less

Yolanda Rucker, Technology Services Manager at Cobb County, Georgia, talks about her goal to bring OnBase to every department in the county. After experiencing OnBase scan, store and retrieve capabilities and learning about the possibilities for multiple integrations, her colleagues are ready for a full enterprise solution.

Video Transcript

Cobb County: Doing more with less

OnBase started at Cobb County in our juvenile court department, and they had it as a departmental solution for a few years. We actually had multiple content management solutions at that time, and back in 2007, we decided and determined that we needed to have an enterprise solution for content management.


Expanding into New Departments

We have about 20 departments that use OnBase today. However, our solution is very basic. It’s capture and access -- scan, store, retrieve and application enabler. What we want to do is expand it and utilize more of the functionality of the software. Workflow, case management, plan review; many of the other features that exist in OnBase.


So we've launched now an ECM program, and we're funded for the next three years (very excited about that), with the goal of bringing every department in the county on board with a more in-depth solution.


The idea finally caught on largely in part to us bringing in our local reseller and Hyland to do what we call OnBase days. Beyond that, we asked Hyland to come in to really do several presentations and demos for us to help us understand [the] technology that was available through the product and how it could be used in government.


Increasing the Demand for OnBase

And for an organization that had only done scan, store, and retrieve, it was quite eye-opening. It completely changed their perspective in terms of what the software could do; they really bought into the idea. The result of that was [that] the demand for OnBase solutions increased drastically.


My objective at Cobb County is for OnBase is to be as common as our email solution. Everyone uses email; it's second nature. And with all of the integrations that exist with the Microsoft platform, it really became very easy for people to connect with the idea that this was a technology that could make a difference in people being able to do more with less.