Sussex County

Senior analyst, Sussex County, New Jersey

Sussex County has gained efficiency and visibility with the OnBase mobile app. Now, every department – including elected officials on the go – can access documents anywhere at any time. The process of conducting meetings and approving resolutions is streamlined and faster.

Video Transcript

Case study: Sussex County, New Jersey

Our initial mobile application has involved taking information that the freeholders, our administrators and our CFO need to review as part of their normal meeting cycle. And we have both taken our resolutions and all of our financial documents that are part of the meeting approval process, put those onto the iPad application so they can see all the resolutions, a bill list and the supporting documents for those bills -- all on the iPad wherever they happen to be running around taking care of their other duties.

Improving Visibility Across the Organization

The mobility advantage that we've gained is that regardless of where they are, particularly the elected officials who are always running around doing a lot of different things. There's a lot of demand on their time and so they're never quite in one place at one time, and prior to the meeting they need to be able to access the information associated with what they're going to be discussing at the meeting. So, there's been a lot of streamlining of the process of getting that information to them. Before we were able to do this, it was always paper-based documents that they had to review and of course, then you're trying to circulate those at the information packets that they had to get distributed out to everybody. So, there's certainly been a lot of time savings and efficiency just in terms of their ability to access information.

The biggest thing in that process, though, is the visibility on where it might be stuck because invariably you're on a tight timeline, you have a grant or something that needs to get approved. Nobody cares about it but you but it's stuck on somebody's desk -- the CFO or the grant reviewer. The advantage now is, within OnBase, all of the users can see where their document is. They have to take ownership of that but once they do, they can see where it is in the process and make sure to keep squeaking the wheel to keep things moving.

End-to-end Integration Makes All the Difference

We're excited about this transition to the utilization of agenda management, which will now get the clerk the ability to compose the agendas, create the minutes and manage all of that documentation. You know, a tightly integrated environment. And that's really going to deliver us an end-to-end solution for the users. So right from the time that they start generating a resolution, it's going to go through the approval process and flow right into the agenda management development toolbox for the clerk to do all those activities.

I think the big advantage we're excited about is the ability to very quickly be able to adjust the agenda and address the changes that inevitably come up at the very last minute. I think that really speaks to the power of what OnBase can deliver. Now that you've got the technology and the tools in place, it really only takes a little bit of work with business process to say “well these are the tools that we need to bring together, make a few custom forms.” I want to say it's easy, but it does go together quickly, and I think that the strength of the configurability of the OnBase product really stands out when you see the results of that kind of opportunity and solution.