Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company

With one place to access electronic claim files – including notes and activities – users easily collaborate and keep claims processing moving. Remote and field workers can also access files from outside the office, allowing faster service to customers.

Video Transcript

Bringing Down the Walls at Grinnell Mutual

Missy Gaul, Manager of Content Management: At Grinnell Mutual, we use OnBase for our content management solution, and we had already seamlessly integrated with our core system. It was important to us that our case management solution be a seamless extension of this workflow solution.


The challenges were that we had notes all over the place. Our internal auditors had no idea what was going on in a policy when they would review it and had questions on how the underwriter was making decisions. And the underwriter didn't remember how things were, why they made whatever decision they had made. So from an auditing perspective, we knew that we had some big shoes to fill and problems to solve.


Our claims and underwriting departments functioned separately, previously, and did not have a lot of communication together. So, the case management solution helped bring those walls down, and now they're open and can see what's going on between the two areas.


Dani Sims, Farm Casualty Underwriter: This has actually opened up the communication lines between the underwriting departments and the billing department, specifically. That makes the information very centralized and very accessible across the entire company.


One Place for All Files

Martha Dowling, Claims Technical Specialist: Case management has given us one place to access the entire claim file. This includes any related claim documents and activity notes on the claim. Prior to that, we had to look for a claim file whether it be on the manager’s desk, the assistant’s desk or an adjuster’s desk. Now, we can all access it whenever we need it, and we can be in it at the same time and work on it together from our desk.


Tara Illg, Senior Claims Field Adjuster: Case management has allowed us to really network with our other departments. One is underwriting. I can see all of the underwriting applications; I can see the policy when it was written. All of the information has helped us to properly interact with our customers and always be able to answer their questions. In addition, being a remote user and being out in the field, I can access my laptop and any one of my files at any point in time.


Case management has changed my job completely. From going before where I had a paper file, everything that I had in my paper file at my desk was delivered to me via email. I'm a remote user, so I'm a field adjuster. Therefore, everything I received I had to sort through, print off and put into a claim file. Now, all I need to do is start my laptop up, log into the application, and I can access everything. And not only my claim file but any other adjuster’s claim file.


Dani Sims: The differences that we see obviously is more efficient. By far more efficient. Centralized information that is accessible for not just one department but multiple departments across the company.


Tara Illg: And it saved me time. It saves me effort in trying to remember every claim file and putting it in my car with me when I leave my office. And it's all right there.