Baptist Health

Take it from IT-veteran Mitzie O’Rourke of Baptist Health of Louisville: You’ll be making the best decision by implementing OnBase.


Video Transcription:

[Mitzie O’Rourke]


What I would tell an organization that's interested in OnBase implementation is that I am confident that it would be the best decision for them. It is a stable product. It's stable in the environment and it's a single platform that you can use in so many ways, more ways than they've probably even imagined.


Hyland is very supportive in connecting people, both themselves to us as well as us to OnBase users. There are groups called VOGUES that you can get involved with. There's actually a website called Community where you can interact immediately with people on there and ask questions, find out what things did they do, what are they doing that you could do and you can emulate, what things did they do wrong that you don't want to do, that's always a good thing. And so there's that connection between the customers and Hyland really promotes and supports that.