Baystate Healthcare

Learn how Baystate Healthcare leverages OnBase to drive paperless processes from HIM to accounts payable.

Video Transcription

My name is Walter Houlihan, I’m the Director of Health Information Management at Baystate Health in Springsfield, Massachusetts.

We have a ninety-percent EMR. We're a Cerner shop. We implemented Cerner approximately eight years ago and we didn't want to bring on a scanning solution to handle remaining paper until we reach that level of around ninety percent. Once we did that, we did our diligent search and came across Hyland’s OnBase application and we went forward with implementing it to address the ten percent of the paper that we have remaining to have a complete one hundred percent EMR.

We looked at Hyland and wanted what can address Baystate overall in many departments. Along with implementing in HIM, we implemented it simultaneously in accounts payable, so we have two departments using the application. Both succeed, both are rockin’ and rollin’ and now we're expanding it to human resources to bring many other benefits to Baystate.

Not only are we using it to scan records, which many others companies can do, what I like about OnBase is the ability to implement, along with the scanning, a workflow so after it’s scanned in, post-discharge or concurrently, then we can:

  1. Track the records
  2. Assign records to various people in my department, such as coders
  3. Develop numerous work lists
  4. Prioritize the records according to what we need whether it be by discharges or by revenue
  5. Assign it to certain coders
  6. Send to compliance staff and down the chain

That has reaped many benefits for Baystate. They find it very easy, a lot of my users work from home and they just tap into our system and it has improved workflow. The efficiency is much better than dealing with the paper, so they have no paper on their desk. it's completely just signing in either at Baystate or at home, completing the EMR and moving it on, so it's very easy, user friendly and again (provides) many benefits to Baystate.