Extend the power of clinical content management

OnBase combines ECM and VNA to provide you with a single platform to manage images and data from various formats – including DICOM and non-DICOM.

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The evolution of the patient record

Just a few years ago, patient healthcare records were a jumble of scattered redundant and conflicting collections of paper documents, x-rays and charts that brought few efficiencies to caregivers and their patients. We now do a better job of preserving and updating patient information without the clutter, multiple costly systems and maintenance.

With the driving need to share patient data across departments and organizations, caregivers are looking for a single platform to manage images and data from many different formats, including DICOM and non DICOM.

A system such as OnBase by Hyland combines ECM and VNA extending the power of content management. It also supports the sharing and viewing of content in context and in the native file formats all from within the EMR. As a result, clinicians searching DICOM and non DICOM content on different applications no longer need to risk patient context errors.

With the easy sharing of clinical content comes better collaboration and better diagnostic decision-making. Individual specialists can now work collaboratively with all the contextual information they require to manage patient care.

One code base. One repository. One platform. A better way.