Epic and OnBase

A true enterprise solution need to be able to expand beyond an organization's initial vision. Hear Mark Stoner describe how after integrating Epic and OnBase by Hyland, SSM Healthcare discovered how useful OnBase could be organization-wide.


Video Transcription:

Our organization has been using Epic and OnBase since 2007, so right at six years now. Our end user experience is generally seamless, specifically in our hospital facilities. They love the integrated scanning portion of it. You can't tell the difference from where Epic starts and OnBase begins. We know, but the end user doesn't know.


There's a number of departments that have voiced interest in since we've implemented it with Epic. We've had the SAP area, the accounting groups have asked for it. We've had our patient business services, those that deal with revenue cycle management requests, the use of OnBase and all of those are actually in the process of being developed.


We have probably in some total 20 projects that are outside the chart that are being requested right now. The reason I'm drawn to OnBase is because I've seen how robust the solution is. I've worked amongst a number of capture solutions. I've worked amongst a number of different document management solutions in the past, but I have the confidence as a system administrator to really know from the outset that I'm going to get support from the Onbase staff here at Hyland in Cleveland Ohio.


And I also know that with a high degree of confidence that I'm going to create a solution for my end user so I can usually with the tools right out of the box. I can conceptualize a solution for our end users just using OnBase.