OnBase for Healthcare CFOs

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Healthcare organizations today face a number of fiscal and operational challenges. From changes in regulations and the reimbursement landscape to ensuring financial stability and controlling costs.

To be successful in the ever-changing healthcare landscape with accountable care organizations, a patient engagement health information exchange and other initiatives organizations must closely collaborate and exchange information among their care providers patients and payers.

OnBase enterprise content management also known as ECM can help by storing paper and other unstructured content. OnBase helps you reduce the costs risks and crimes spent managing it. With OnBase, all of your administrative patient financial and clinical data and information is stored in a secure central repository.

Your HIS applications are also no longer disconnected. OnBase integrates with them allowing users to access needed information no matter the system they use. OnBase also automates work processes. Whether in patient finance, patient access, HIM, Human Resources or accounting, OnBase puts information in the hands of those who need it, when they need it.

Invoices route to the right personnel for approval, explanation of benefits and electronic remittance advices automatically associate with the correct patient financial record. Registrars can even see previously captured information like patient IDs and insurance cards. As a result, processes run smoother, users work more efficiently and organizations become more profitable.

OnBase also integrates with core IT applications like your billing EMR and ERP systems making previously inaccessible content available within them. This helps increase the value of these systems maximizing your investments by ensuring your staff accomplishes more without leveraging their core business solution.

By eliminating the frustration and delays associated with finding information, OnBase helps boost employee morale and productivity. When patients receive faster service and are better informed, customer satisfaction increases. OnBase also provides analytics and data mining tools allow you to identify and correct delays and inefficiencies in your revenue cycle, accounting and other core processes. Instead of relying on guesswork, you have the data you need to ensure faster reimbursements, timely responses and more efficient administrative operations.

With OnBase solutions for healthcare, your organization can eliminate delays and unnecessary costs, improve processes and ensure financial stability and success throughout your enterprise.

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