Unite Your Healthcare Enterprise

By integrating OnBase with your EMR, you’ll extend the value of your chief IT investment while improving information access, security and compliance across your entire organization.

Video Transcription:

Your EMR is the hub of your healthcare IT ecosystem. It's your chief software investment. It's also your IT department’s biggest commitment to supporting superior care and service, but every time a physician has to log into another system to find patient information or a nurse must search for a paper chart, the value of your EMR diminishes.

OnBase solutions for healthcare can help. Whether paper or electronic, OnBase gathers your unstructured content from insurance IDs and paper documentation to faxed orders, x-rays and clinical images and stores them in a secure electronic repository. OnBase then makes this content available in context starting from within the EMR, providing authorized users across the entire enterprise access to a more complete patient record.

Sensitive patient information is no longer at risk of loss or misplacement. It safely resides in OnBase instead of multiple disparate locations and systems, but captured content is only useful if clinicians and staff can easily access it with OnBase integrations for your EMR.You'll ensure that clinicians and staff have instant access to the information they need directly from their familiar EMR screens.

OnBase relies on a broad spectrum of integration techniques this ensures that you'll find a solution that complements your EMR as an enterprise solution. OnBase also unites unstructured content with other core IT applications like your ERP Human Resources and billing systems, making content like invoices employee documentation EEO B's and transactional data readily available from within those applications.

With proven integrations with more than 500 different systems, OnBase helps ensure a connected, unified environment. With OnBase, you choose a proven solution guided by the experience gained from more than 1,500 healthcare customers. OnBase is exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association and Hyland is a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for enterprise content management.

OnBase healthcare solutions extends the value of your EMR and your organization’s entire IT ecosystem. Learn more at OnBase.com/Healthcare.