Scott and White Healthcare discovers the importance of instant information

Instant access to information is crucial to patient care. Listen in as Frank Duca explains how Scott and White Healthcare has discovered the benefits of integrated, instantaneous delivery of information with OnBase by Hyland.


Video Transcription:

The engagement of the users around OnBase is quite an interesting story because most users don't even know that OnBase is there. Our implementation of Epic uses front office scanning throughout the organization and it's the responsibility of the persons in the clinical environment to scan what's necessary. Through the front office scanning integration, the users don't really know that they're speaking with OnBase and for the most part, nobody really mentions the fact that OnBase is even in the picture sometimes.


When we get service tickets called in, the keyword is scanning, and I have a scanning problem, which nine times out of ten is not an OnBase issue, it's probably some other issue. The users are excited, certainly many physicians are also very excited, because they can see results almost instantaneously when they're scanned or sent from an HL7 interface.


I think that the business side of the house is starting to understand that integrated instantaneous delivery of information is very important. The nice thing about OnBase is that once it's installed it's pretty much a self-maintaining system, slight involvement by the system administrator on a daily basis does occur, but really, the only thing we have to worry about is we can increase our scalability by increasing disk space and by increasing the number of virtual machines we have running the software. Using this model, our growth paths have been essentially unlimited based just really on how much hardware we have.