Intuitive Solutions Foster Clinician Adoption

Sparrow Health System’s former CTO shares why it considers OnBase a strategic enterprise solution.

Video Transcript

Taking EMRs Paperless

We did things a little bit differently than a lot of the other health systems. We felt that it was extremely important to get the paper out of the system rapidly and so we actually implemented OnBase prior to implementing our EMR. And that process actually was a bit of a risk. Took a leap of faith for us but in the end, it worked out phenomenally well.

Our clinicians got a real taste for what it means to rely on an electronic medical record and rely on, instead of a paper chart, really rely on that chart being on the computer. They got used to some of the basic computer skills ahead of time, a year and a half before we go live with Epic Inpatient. They’ll already have been using and relying on the computers throughout the health system and pointed out some weaknesses where on the infrastructure side, we had to shore some things up. So I would definitely recommend that approach. It's a viable one, and one that really worked.

Fast adoption, Significant Gains

The actual installation, OnBase, went really well, very smoothly and the OnBase team has been a great partner with Sparrow Health System. But it really is intuitive, and after just a couple of weeks I was shocked at how quickly our clinicians came up to speed with the electronic record and with the electronic chart, and just how much they adopted it and how quickly they adapted. I'd say within a couple of weeks that everybody was using it and then within a month or two, we really started to see some significant gains.

OnBase is a strategic product for us. It really is as important to us as our EMR system. We've used it and it's fairly common. My peers across the country use it to replace the paper chart which we certainly have done. But it's workflow engine capabilities, we've really just scratched the surface of, and I think it's a giving tree that will go back to. It’s technology that you'll go back to and you can utilize for a whole host of business issues and really what's next on our horizon is to leverage this investment, this tool that we have, in much deeper ways, to improve workflow productivity and to use it and expand it just beyond the chart.