Find a partner that can help you further your business goals

Noridian Healthcare Solutions Director of Corporate Planning, Todd Knain, talks about the value of working with a vendor who shares your organization’s vision.


Video Transcription:

[Todd Knain]


Working with Hyland and OnBase has really provided a partnership over the years. We've been a long-term customer nearly 15 years and actually having that executive relationship has been key to us. We're able to host Hyland executives on-site or vice versa. We'll go to their site for meetings and really watching that product evolve over the years. It really is impressive to see all the enhancements and the manpower and the effort that goes in OnBase customer requests.


In a lot of cases, within the Medicare industry, there's only eight organizations across the United States that actually process claims for the federal government, three of those actually happened to be OnBase customers and that's actually opened up the door for some collaboration, so despite the fact that we're competitive competing in many regards, we're also partnering together. And recently two of us met out at Hyland headquarters to work on a healthcare payer solution that will hopefully expedite the processing of documents back and forth between payers and providers to help save the Medicare fund and the taxpayers dollars.


If I was going to describe OnBase in one word I would pick flexible. The product is flexible in the way that you can quickly develop something and provide a solution to your users. And in today's modern era, you really need to be able to have that quick turnaround because people are always looking for the next thing and you need to be responsive to your customers whether they're internal or external.


At Noridian, when I think of OnBase’s new position of one platform, I think that really does resonate well with our organization. Our users, when they want solutions the first thing they jump to is how can OnBase do this and so, by providing that ability to handle documents, handle data and provide integrations. OnBase really does become a core platform for our entire organization as we look at development activities and moving forward.