Noridian Healthcare Solutions

Listen as Todd Knain, Director of Corporate Planning explains why Noridian relies on OnBase to solve a variety of business problems across the enterprise.


Video Transcription:

[Todd Knain]


In 2002, Noridian was looking for a solution for document management and workflow. And we went through a selective RFP process and we chose OnBase and went live with our first workflow in 2003. Since then, we've actually expanded it completely across our entire operations and over 30 departments now use it for anything ranging from claims processing. Our finance department uses it, our provider enrollment in our call center, of course, loves it.


We've seen a lot of benefits from using OnBase. Using the document management workflow solution, we've seen hard dollar savings. One of our very first use cases was to eliminate FedExing information back and forth to our offices throughout the United States. In addition we're under a lot of government scrutiny and audits, so providing that security by not having documents out on the floor makes it a lot easier to comply with HIPAA and other federal regulations. And then, obviously, we've also seen the ease of access for our customer service representatives. And recently, we've integrated with our provider portal allowing providers to upload and retrieve documents directly from us, so we no longer have to worry about printing and mailing as well.


OnBase’s value to Noridian has been extremely valuable as we look back at the application as a whole. We've gotten a lot of different areas that have seen the value by implementing it in their department. Obviously there's the faster searching of documents compared to going back to a file cabinet and digging around. In addition, there's just a time savings for a heavy workflow user, so all of our areas have implemented workflow which allows them to have the processes built in. And the beauty of workflow, when it comes to our training, is that the departments actually aren't even training on how to use OnBase, they're training the users on their business process. Because of the way workflow works you're limited in what actions you can take and it's almost prescribing the business process at the same time, so our trainers have actually found it to be very valuable. They don't have to worry about training the actual tool, it is just train them on the business process and go from there.