Henley Properties

Australian residential property developer, Henley Properties has implemented OnBase enterprise content management software to help improve its cash flow and control of millions of files related to more than 2000 projects across Australia.


Video Transcription:

Henley properties is a residential home builder based out of Australia. We’ve got about 600 staff and we're through four different offices, even the eastern seaboard. At Henley we deal with a lot documents all the time for our day-to-day operations. We were getting ourselves to a position where our file structure was not enough to help us scale out. We decided we needed to do something, and we went through and started to look at the different options that we had.


In the process, we identified OnBase as a front-runner for us and they came out on top when we started to look at the functions and the features. We use OnBase in almost every department in our Victorian office at the moment. We’ve rolled out some AP processing workflows. Our entire production department use it for the saving of all of our job documentation. We've extended it out to our suppliers and to our trade base. And our construction teams in the field also use it quite heavily.


We've seen a lot of benefits from using OnBase through to document control to make sure we've got the right versions of documentation going out to our suppliers in our trades. We've also seen it helping now through workplace solutions that are starting to save a lot of time in some of our internal processes.


OnBase is a solution that has a lot of benefits in the way that we can roll it out. We're able to use internal resources to build a number of our workflows and a number of our solutions. And then when it becomes more technical, we can actually rely on Hyland to support us. I think Hyland as a software company has a very large vision of where they want to go. They have grown their software, they are always implementing new functions and features. And at the same time they're happy to listen to us, to understand what we want the product to be able to do in the future. If they can't do it now, they also help us to try and find a solution within their product set that can help us.


Our plans for OnBase in the future are to consolidate all of our documentation into a single system, so that it makes it a lot easier for our staff to have a single pane of glass to look at to find all the information that they need don't look at it as only document management. Look at it for the feature set surround, the workflow, the work view and all the other processing that you can do to understand how it can benefit a broader part of your business. OnBase is a Tier-one application for us now, so it will become part of the lifeblood of our business.