Northwestern’s Alumni Relations and Development goes paperless

Listen in to hear how OnBase has helped Northwestern University meet its paperless initiative by acting as a single, central repository for gift agreement documents and information.

Video Transcription

Going Paperless

I'm Kristin Lewis. I'm Associate Director of Information Management at Alumni Relations and Development with Northwestern University.

A couple years ago, our Vice President for Advancement decided that he wanted our office to be entirely paperless and we entered into this paperless initiative. And part of that was to make sure that all of our documentation was going into OnBase.

So there's been an extensive push in the past couple years to make sure that OnBase is being utilized as that document archive for all of our constituent file information, all of our gift documentation, and now we're using it for all of those gift agreements as well. OnBase has helped us beat the beast of inefficiency by helping us achieve our paperless initiative. We no longer store any paper files in Alumni Relations and Development. It's all in OnBase.