Northwestern automates gift agreement processes

Discover how Northwestern University saves staff time by automating information tracking in its gift agreement process.

Video Transcript

Campus System Map From a Technology Standpoint

I'm Kristin Lewis. I'm Associate Director of Information Management at Alumni Relations and Development with Northwestern University.

Our team that processes gift agreements was using an access database to track all of their actions, in terms of processing these agreements. So anytime something changed hands, anytime they wanted to document some interesting information or something that they needed to refer back to later, they would have to open their access database and make those updates.

It’s taking a lot of time for them to do that, so one of the major things we wanted this gift agreement process to accomplish for us was that automation of the tracking, so that OnBase could do all of that documenting of how things were changing hands, what was happening with the documents so that our team didn't have to do it.

Implementing this process for managing gift agreements has helped us leverage our existing OnBase implementation in a couple of ways. One is that in order to manage this process, we didn't have to go outside and employ another solution. And the second is that although all of our development officers and all of our staff were expected to be on OnBase looking at the constituent archive, this has made them more familiar with the process, with going into OnBase, and has brought greater visibility. So that system in our department is only going to help us as we continue to expand into other processes down the road.