OnBase creates visibility into Northwestern’s gift agreement process

With OnBase, Northwestern University simplifies compliance and improves visibility and transparency into its gift agreement processes.

Video Transcript

Benefits of Gift Agreement

I'm Kristin Lewis. I'm Associate Director of Information Management at Alumni Relations and Development with Northwestern University.

The benefits that we're seeing from this gift agreement management process, first of all, is increased compliance. Our development officers previously didn't necessarily know what type of information they were supposed to be providing or they weren't being held to that standard. This new process helps us get all of the information we need to build a gift agreement right from the very start, holding development officers to that level of compliance.

The second issue is one of tracking: Making sure that we understand where things are in the process, what actions have happened, how these gift agreements are being processed, who is handling them -- all of that information.

A third issue is one of visibility and transparency. Previously our development officers didn't necessarily know what was happening to their gift agreement after they had requested it and they're under a lot of pressure to book those gifts, to document the money that they're supposed to be raising. They have metrics and goals that they're being held to so they want to know what's happening with their gift agreement. And this management solution gives them ample opportunity to find that information in OnBase and understand what's happening with our agreement.

We also have greatly improved issues with institutional memory and knowledge management with this gift agreement management solution. We're using OnBase to store all of those gift agreements, so we have that archival record of all of those agreements that have been processed.