Manage the Digital Campus

OnBase creates a comprehensive and secure digital record for your students, your employees, your donors or any other constituents that you serve seamlessly combining data and content.

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Universities rely on diverse content and data spread across the entire campus. Managing that data and integrating it into daily processes requires systems that communicate effectively across the university network.

OnBase manages the digital campus of today

In enrollment management, OnBase creates a comprehensive and secure digital student record that begins with admissions and builds until graduation. By leveraging data from the admissions CRM and student information system, OnBase supports students through financial aid and advising and offices that serve international, veteran, at-risk, or first-year students, as well as those requiring disability services.

  • For human resources, every stage of the employee lifecycle is simplified. OnBase easily manages the complexity of adjunct faculty and student employees from oboarding to offboarding.  
  • The business office manages high volume transactions in accounts payable and purchasing. Where faster approvals, invoicing and payments save the institution real dollars.  
  • Athletics, advancement and senior administration are no different. They need to increase efficiency in communication, while developing processes that cross the campus.

For information technology, this takes an enterprise platform that goes far beyond imaging and document management. OnBase serves as a platform that includes enterprise content management, case management and business process management, capture and enterprise application integration components that will serve your entire institution.

Confidently manage the digital campus with OnBase.