Health Information Management

Your health information management (HIM) department is your central location for patient information. Every day, your HIM staff must balance safeguarding with disseminating information in order to meet strict compliance regulations. However, this balancing act often slows down processes because everything in your hospital – from care delivery to financial performance – depends on it.

OnBase solutions for HIM can help. Featuring solutions for medical records capture and storage, deficiency management, image-enabled coding and release of information, OnBase helps healthcare organizations reduce risks and errors while increasing accuracy and efficiency.

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Your health information management department is your organization's patient information nerve center and everyday your HIM staff must balance how to safeguard that information with how best to share it, all while meeting strict compliance regulations. This balancing act produces bottlenecks that bog down processes.

OnBase can help with solutions for medical records, capture and storage deficiency management, image enabled coding, and release of information. OnBase helps your organization reduce risk while increasing both accuracy and efficiency. The path to HIM efficiency starts with a complete patient record.

OnBase easily gathers the content that normally resides outside of your EMR and stores it in a single secure electronic repository. This includes everything from paper documentation to digital images. Patient records can be thousands of pages so as OnBase captures documents, it automatically identifies each one by document type and by patient which makes it easier to review the records.

OnBase integrates with your EMR to ensure that only authorized clinicians and staff see the information they need when they need it directly from familiar EMR screens. As a result, your organization empowers more effective care while increasing clinician satisfaction and ensuring regulatory compliance OnBase also helps speed chart completion by alerting physicians of a missing signature and allowing them to electronically sign documents from any location with a secure internet connection.

By managing all of your patient information in OnBase and linking OnBase to a computer-assisted coding application, coders quickly and easily access all the clinical information they need directly from within the CAC interface. And by automatically routing charts to the appropriate coders based on rules you define, OnBase keeps coding projects moving this same solution also helps your staff quickly fulfill release of information requests. OnBase exports content in a variety of formats, so whether the information was requested in hardcopy or on CDs or DVDs, your customers receive their content exactly as it was requested.

Through seamless integrations and native process automation tools OnBase helps your HIM department effectively balance compliance and efficiency. Learn more at