Growth of Case Management in Evolving Workplace

Key case management use cases

While solutions have long been geared toward speeding task completion and automating as many processes as possible, the focus of the workplace is evolving.

“The future of work is really changing the information worker’s role, their skills, their diversity towards a more unstructured set of tasks,” said Craig Le Clair, VP and principal analyst at Forrester Research in the above video.

In this video, Le Clair explains how a case management approach fills in process gaps, helping manage work that can have diverse outcomes and requires a high level of knowledge and discretion.

Case management solutions provide specific value in key areas of work, including:

  • Service requests
  • Incident management
  • Investigations

“We think that case management is growing at about twice, two and a half times the rate of growth in the BPM market,” states  Le Clair in the video. “The technology for case helps you spring into action and make sure you are doing the right thing and that the lifecycle of the decisions made are all maintained in content-oriented solutions.”

With these capabilities, a case management solution equips your organization to solve a wide range of business problems – from facilities project management and compliance tracking to vendor management, contract management, HR onboarding, incident resolution and fraud investigation.

To learn more about case management capabilities download The Forrester Wave™: Dynamic Case Management.