Learn how, by integrating with OnBase and Guidewire, CAA empowers agents with information for superior service.

Video Transcript

Obsessed with Member Safety: How CAA uses ECM to Share Information Quickly

My name is Jay Woo, and I'm the President and CEO of the CAA Group of Companies.

We have just about two million members and 1,400 associates. The OnBase system that we planted back in 2010-2011, really does to support our mission statement of being obsessed with number safety because OnBase by its very core, its very nature, allows us to get information from one area to another area within seconds.

Last year in 2013, we had several catastrophic losses in terms of weather events. We had a major flood back in the summer and then we had the massive ice storm here. And during both events, there were a massive number of claims.

We had people calling in from flooded basements. We had people calling in from their cars that were stuck beside a road and what OnBase allowed us to do was to access information very quickly and to be able to service them within a moment's notice. Within less than a month, we were able to clear a lot of backlogs, and that truly allowed us to really take care of people at their greatest time of need.

Easy Integration, Low Costs, Fast Implementation

I worked with OnBase at my previous organization as well, and so I kind of had a good comfort level with OnBase already. So I joined CAA, and when we were going through the RFP process for the document management system replacement, we put OnBase Hyland there as a contender. But I wanted to really let the teams decide for themselves, and so when they selected it, what surprised them was the ease of integration. Any time we talk about enterprise implementations, usually it takes years and millions of dollars, but for us, it didn't take that long, it didn't take that much money.

Perhaps one of the biggest fears of a CIO or CEO is how much time it takes and how much money it takes to implement a system. We did this implementation within 11 months, the Guidewire system took 14 months, and those types of timeframes are really unheard of in the industry within North America. But because of the architecture and OnBase, it allowed us to integrate to a whole bunch of different systems, not just Guidewire, but to data warehouses very quickly.

When it comes to things like Guidewire and OnBase especially, OnBase actually holds everything together for us and from the before picture to the after picture, it has really been a huge transformation. Normally, I would be under a rock somewhere, but that's why I'm giving this message. It is just to try to help others understand how much benefit they can actually obtain from good technologies like an OnBase and Guidewire.