Discovery Benefits

See how Discovery Benefits has leveraged OnBase solutions to grow from providing benefits for 1.25 million people to more than 5 million while saving over $500,000 a year in paper costs alone.

Video transcript

Boosting Productivity at Discovery Benefits

Craig Alme, VP, OnBase, Discovery Benefits: Most of our departments here at Discovery Benefits use OnBase as their main application. Everybody has what they need to do their job, and at a moment's notice, which has really increased our productivity.


Before OnBase, it was very hard to find anything. Without an imaging system, we were still processing paper claims. And you can imagine, if the person had a denied claim and they called in, now somebody's going hunting through folders trying to find this claim so they can answer the question of why was this denied.


As a claim gets processed, it's at the fingertips of our representatives answering the phone, so they will know right away -- it was approved, it hasn't been worked yet, it's denied, here is why.


Dean Johnson, OnBase Manager, Discovery Benefits: OnBase is sort of the hub of a lot of the applications that we use, so it's not just OnBase as a storage of documents, it's OnBase as a storage of data -- the company's data, our data that we need to run every day.


John Biwer, President, Discovery Benefits: So we use it as our central nervous system. It controls nearly every process we have in the company, and then we're connecting all the different systems around to that.


Built for the Digital Age

Craig Alme: During the busy season, our claims team may process close to 20,000 claims a day that we are maybe processing so we have taken that process to a level where I don't know how we could get it any more efficient. It is bringing everything in exactly at their fingertips, and they just work.


John Biwer: So as we've gone through over the years, I've told the story many times about how our claims team over six-, seven-year period didn't grow in size as far as the number of people we had. But our book kept growing, and that was entirely due to the system we use with OnBase that took us from the paper world into the digital world -- overnight. Had it not been for that within our business I don't believe we're still here today.


Craig Alme: We do have, what, six people? We have the resources to continually look for new process improvements. That's kind of our number one rule here is we have the ability and the management buy-in to find a process, and if we can make it better, everybody's usually on board. With OnBase, that's a pretty easy thing to do. If somebody can think about it, we’ll build it.